Revisiting The Enfield Horror

revisiting the enfield horror.jpegSeveral months ago I wrote a post about the Enfield Horror, the bizarre three-legged monster reported in Enfield, Illinois.  While I love the story I think there is a rational explanation for the strange creature.


I am not the first one to put forth this idea. In fact, the possible explanation for the Enfield Horror was put forth by Loren Coleman who was the one who investigated the case at the time of the event.  The things that stood out most about the creature was that it had 3 legs and could jump vast distances.  When police arrived at the scene they saw 3 footprints, 2 of which appeared to be the same size and a 3rd that was slightly smaller.  Could it actually have been 2 foot prints and a tail print?


At the time of the Enfield Horror Sighting there had been reports of Kangaroos in Illinois and in neighboring Indiana.  About a year after the Enfield encounter a Kangaroo was seen in Chicago, witnessed by more than a hundred people.  I have no idea where they came from.  The Horror was really never seen clearly, only at night or in shadows and the hunters who shot at it could only describe it as a “gray hairy thing”.  I wish the Enfield Horror was a “real” monster but most likely it was a Kangaroo.


One last note on the Enfield case.  Greg Garrett, the little boy playing in his backyard who was the first one to see the Horror, was shot to death on his front porch many years after his run in with monster/Kangaroo.  He was killed by his wife, the shooting was determined to be self-defense and justified.


enfield horror?.jpeg

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